Install Washing Theme

Once you downloaded the Washing WordPress theme from our website, you will get a washing.zip file.  Upload that ZIP file in your WordPress by going to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload the washing.zip file and then make the theme active by clicking Activate. 

Importing demo content from.xml file – Washing

To import the demo content from the .xml file, you need washing-demo.xml file which you will get from the downloaded folder (assets > import-data > washing-demo-content.xml) of the Washing WordPress Theme. If you want the theme to be installed as shown in the demo, you need to import a .xml file into your WordPress dashboard.  Go […]

Customizing Logo – Washing

Click on the customization option on the top bar, a left sidebar will appear with customizable options, you will see an edit icon on the logo, click on that edit icon and change the brand logo text.  If you want your logo as an image, you need to enable the Image logo required. To enable, go […]

Adding Blog posts – Washing

Go to the dashboard on the left sidebar select Posts > Add New  Add Post title and Post content. On the right sidebar select category, add tags, and featured image, and click on publish. 

Content Editing – Washing

You can edit all the content present in the theme like Headings, Paragraphs, Links, Icons, Images, Buttons also whatever the text available.  To edit, click customize which is located on the top bar, a left sidebar appears with all the customizable options and also you see the edit icon that is available for each section […]

Changing Theme Images – Washing

Click on customize option on the top bar, and click on the edit icon of the section of image which you wish to change. A left sidebar with customization options will appear, click on the select image button and then upload your image. You can crop your image if required or else you can skip […]

Changing Background images – Washing

Select the section in which the background image you want to change, Changing Background images is same as changing theme images  Click customize option on the top bar, a left sidebar appears with all the customizable options and you can see the edit icon available for every section in the theme. Click on the edit […]

Changing Theme Icons – Washing

Our WordPress themes use font awesome icons. You can change every icon present in our theme. Click on the edit icon of which section icons you want to edit. Once you click you can change the icon by changing the icon name. For example – fa fa-users, fa fa-facebook, etc…  Font Awesome provides more than […]

Subscription form – Washing

Once you click the customize option, click on the edit icon of subscribe form section. Enter your mailing list form URL of MailChimp or other similar services in the Mailing list URL text field. 

Contact form – Washing

Go to customize option, click on the edit icon of the Contact form section. There you see the Contact email address (who should receive an email when contact form submitted) input field, enter mail ID and click on publish then close the customize bar. Now contact form is ready, when the client enters his contact details […]

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