Customizing Background Image – Execution

Select the section in which the background image you want to change, it is the same as changing images as mentioned in step8.    Click customize which is located on the top bar, a left sidebar appears with all the customizable options and also you see the edit icon that is visible for each section in the […]

Customizing Images – Execution

Here you come to know how to change images in the Theme. Click customize and then select the section in which the image is located after that you will get a left sidebar with customization options select the image customization and then upload the image which you want to replace with, crop your image if […]

Content Editing – Execution

You can edit all the content present in the theme like Headings, Paragraphs, Links, Icons, Images, Buttons also whatever text you see.    To edit, click customize which is located on the top bar, a left sidebar appears with all the customizable options and also you see the edit icon that is visible for each […]

Customizing Author Details – Execution

In your WordPress Dashboard go to Users > Your Profile > there you get all the customizing options – personal options and contact info. You can add your profile information with the options available. Watch the video below.

Adding Blog Post – Execution

Go to the dashboard on the left sidebar select Posts > Add New   Add Post title and Post content. On the right sidebar select category, add tags, and featured image, and click on publish. Watch the video for a live session. 

Customize your logo – Execution

On the top bar of your WordPress template click on customize, a left sidebar will appear with customizable options now you see an edit icon on the logo click on that edit icon and change the logo text. If you want your logo as an Image, enable the Image logo required to go back to the […]

Importing demo content from.xml file – Execution

Import execution-demo-content.xml file which you will get from the Execution Theme Pack. To get the Theme installed as shown in the demo you need to import a .xml file into your WordPress dashboard.  Go to Dashboard on the left Sidebar menu Tools > Import. Click on Import scroll to the bottom of the page at last you see WordPress. Click […]

Installing Execution Theme

You can get the Execution WordPress Theme from here. Once you download the Theme you will get an execution.ZIP file.  Upload that ZIP file in your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload the execution.ZIP file and then Active the Theme by clicking Activate. Go through the below video for steps to install the Execution Theme. 

Install XAMPP/MAMP and WordPress Locally – Execution

Before theme Installation let us have a look at the installation of MAMP and WordPress Locally.  MAMP enables you to host your website offline. Have a look at this article.  https://w3layouts.com/how-to-install-wordpress-on-local-in-your-pc/ 

Welcome to Execution WordPress Theme

Get started: Welcome to W3Layouts. Thank you for Downloading/Purchasing our WordPress Theme. This is documentation on how to install and customize our WordPress theme in a step-by-step process.  We’re going to walk you through the entire Launching of the WordPress Website process, step by step. 

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