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Adding Blog posts to App Flow Theme

Go to the dashboard on the left sidebar select Posts > Add New Add Post title and Post content. On the right sidebar select category, add tags, and featured image, and click on publish.  Watch the video for a live session.

Take a free trial form of App Flow Theme

Go to the customize option, click the edit icon of the Free trail form section. you can see the Trail email address (who should receive an email when trail request submitted) in that text field enter mail ID and click on publish. Now your trial form is ready when the user enters his mail and […]

Customizing Subscription form of App Flow Theme

Once you select the customize option click on the edit icon on the subscribe form section. enter your mailing list form URL of MailChimp or other similar services in the Mailing list URL text field. Watch the video for a live session.

Customizing Contact form of App Flow Theme

Go to the customize option click on the edit icon of the Contact form section, there you see Contact email address (who should receive an email when contact form details are submitted) text field enter mail ID and click on publish then close the customize bar. Now contact form is ready, when the client enters his contact details and click on the […]

Customizing Homepage of App Flow Theme

Here is the process of how to customize the home page sections. Click on the customize option on the top bar, a left sidebar appears with the list of sections (Header, Footer, etc..) along with the pages present in the theme and you can also notice the edit icon available for each section on the page you can click on the edit […]

Setup Homepage without importing demo content of App Flow Theme

After installing the theme if you want to display the Home page as the Frontpage like displayed in the demo preview without importing demo content from the .xml file, follow the steps. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New. Enter the page title – Frontpage/Home page. On the right sidebar of the editor screen […]

Adding Header Menu for App Flow Theme

Go to the Customization, select the Menu from the sidebar then go to Main Menu and enable primary to display menu bar at the top.  

Importing demo content of App Flow Theme

Import app flow-demo.xml file which you will get from the App Flow Theme Pack. To get the Theme installed as shown in the demo you need to import a .xml file into your WordPress dashboard. Go to Dashboard from the left Sidebar menu Tools > Import. run the importer from the WordPress option. Click on upload […]

Install App Flow Theme

Download the App Flow WordPress theme from W3layouts, you will get the Appflow.ZIP file. Upload that ZIP file in your WordPress by going to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload the downloaded .ZIP file and once the theme is uploads activate the theme. Watch the video to know how to install the App […]

Welcome to App Flow Theme

Get started: Welcome to W3layouts WordPress Themes. Thank you for Downloading/Purchasing App flow WordPress Theme. Here is the documentation on how to install and customize our WordPress theme in a step-by-step process. Have a look at the easiest way of customization steps for your WordPress website template.

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