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Backward compatibility

I am using template "Medicom Responsive web template, Bootstrap Web Templates, Flat Web Templates, Andriod Compatible web template,

Smartphone Compatible web template, free webdesigns for Nokia, Samsung, LG, SonyErricsson, Motorola web design" and modifying it (replacing text and jpg) to suit our company's business. 

We are a very small R&D/Manufacturing firm,

It's testing out OK on my phone, my tablet, and desktop where I use Chrome as my principal browser. IE11 works fine too. When tested with IE8, the flexible sizing is not supported. We market world-wide. In many places people are using older browsers, and we would like to be sure of reaching them as well.

Do you have additional code I can plug into the header to help with this? Do I need to have additional CSS? Your advice would be most welcome. Thank you in advance.

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