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Help with a free Responsive w3layouts "LUXURY"

 Hi all! First of all i'm sorry for my english but  i hope you will understand.
I'm working on this template to renew the website of my activity. I have some problem:
1) in the section "about us" . if i display the site on a mobile phone or in a small monitor i can't read all the informations under the 4 rounded pics. If i click "READ MORE" the only thing i get is to go at the top of the page. How can i do to let the readers expand this section by using the !READMORE" button?

2) in the section "CONTACT FORM" how can i let the button "SEND" work? need i a php scipt? in my old site i resolve it by using a php script. but i don't know how to integrate in in the code.

Hope u can help me! have a good time,


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