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Convert html to wordpress theme

Hello! I downloaded a theme from w3layouts named "ladies" with a blog.html and a simple.html pages but now I don't know how to convert these pages to wordpress theme. I have already my wordpress installed in my website domain. Anyone can help me? I tryed several tutorials from the web but the html content of the pages is different from my theme and when I upload the theme in wordpress, the template looks different.

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This will not work.. Both are different that you want and that you have.. It need to be integrated with wordpress Functions so that it will work..

I have already converted one of the w3layouts template and I think i can do it for this template also and it can be easily if it is built with bootstrap

I have did it... i use wordpress function to create menubar, to see the wordpress post, pages and page contents... all of these i did and i also add some extra CSS & HTML for this...

how to convert this w3layouts templates into wordpress themes?plz help me

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