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Can I use your templates in my website as a demonstration?

Hello. I'm a webmaster and I make websites for friend or clients.

I like your responsive templates.

I could propose your template in preview on my site (by displaying the link to ?

If so, i can preview in various video resolutions ?

If my customer likes one of your templates, i will make you a donation for template before use.

I look forward to your reply



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how to remove the backlinks? i donated already

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You can use our templates for your clients, if you want to remove the backlinks you need to donate 10% of your profit else a minimum of 10$ is fine. Donation is per template per domain basis.



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How much we have to donate?

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good day am newbie here i downloaded also one of your nice and elegant website can i used it for my business? thanks...

can i use ur great works for clients- without ur name on templates inform me as soon as possible.

 Can I use the templates for friends?

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