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Template Love&Fight

Hello, I would like to use the love&fight - template, but there seems to be a Problem with the responsive menu. If I touch the menu-icon, you can see the menu-items "home, Pages, Portfolio", but if you touch the items with submenus like "Portfolio" you the submenus are opening half and for example the site "Portfolio" is opened, but you cannot really see the submenu-items. You can see this, if you try it with a reduced browser-size. It seems to be a bug. I attach a screenshot (I had to be very fast, because very quick after this the "Portfolio"-site is opened (without opening all the submenu-items - so you could not make a choice and open one of the sites mentionned in the submenus).

Kind regards

Heiner Meier

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Thanks for bringing this to our notice we will come back to you once it is solved.

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