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Hello all,

So I am new to web design and I am trying to edit one of the video content templates I have downloaded from W3layouts. 

The issue that I am facing is:

My frontpage (index.html) have a list of videos and when you click a link under the video it directs you to another page (video.html)  and you see the same video with a wider description etc. Now if I want to click another video description from the frontpage I go by default to the same video.html which has only one video, so I need to create another html doc for every video..

So my question is :

How do I avoid creating a separate html document for every video second page?

I hope this makes sense. Awaiting replys.

How to Link to a Specific Line or Paragraph on a Web Page 

USE ANCHORS with names

www thesitewizard com/html-tutorial/link-to-specific-line-or-paragraph.shtml

I have answered to this issue a couple of times but is not being published WHY, 

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