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"navbar-toggle collapsed" does'nt work on android 2.1 browser

Nice to me to you.

I post this topic to Forums for the first time.

I would like to use "Literacy a Educational Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive web template".

I tested this template on some browser.

It worked very well.

But I noticed that it didn't work very well on android 2.1 browser and "navbar-toggle collapsed" wasn't open.

I tried to change the version from Bootstrap v3.3.4 to Bootstrap v3.3.7.
But the situation didn't change.
I attach screenshot file.

Some approach and advice, please.

Best regards

(106 KB)


This matter was solved.
I changed from jquery.min.js 2.1.1 to jquery-1.10.1.min.js.

"navbar-toggle collapsed"  worked very well on android 2.1 browser.

Thank you.

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Hi Kyon,

I had a similar problem but did not understand your solution. 

Can you explain where you changed the jquery? 

I am not using the "Literacy.." template... I am using "Construction..." template... I think it has similar js files...e.g. bootstrap.js etc.... but jquery file is called "jquery-2.2.3.min.js".... 

I also have trouble to get it working on Android phone...

I appreciate any advice and thank you for your time!


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