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getting started

Help, all i know is basic html and some CSS. How do I get started, after I download a template and unzip it? What do I use to view the code?

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Just download Notepad C++

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Does anyone pleaseĀ have step by step instructions for using w3layouts templates. I have purchased health-care-pack.

I can get the laptop version working fine but am struggling to get the mobile version to work all I get is the laptop layout

Well, it looked promising, but it's beyond my skill set. Especially with no support offered.
you template looks very promissed

i download the resale template but how do you use it

or how do you install it there are no instruction about how do you can login or create database or anythink !

it would be helpfull to write some info about step by step

how to install and connect to the admin panle and set the database

can you use the templat with wordpress ?


and again looks very promissed and nice templates but you really need to set more information about how to setup the templates

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