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PEAK Template Modifications / Problem with long words

 Hi there, I am a huge fan of your templates and I really like them alot.

Now I want to use "PEAK" Template but I encountered some problems.

I was able to substitute "PEAK" with a word I chose, but it is obvious longer than "PEAK" which is very short.

Now, when you hover over the world, only a little bit will be changed into blue, which kinda sucks.

I tried like hours to find out in the different css files, how to change it, but I am quite a beginner and all i could manage, was that the templated got completely shifted and destroyed (even though the whole word started to become blue ;) )

My Question is, if you can help me, somehow to make the whole word become blue when you hover, even though its a long word (i wouldnt mind, that the world gets hidden by the banner-pic/guy in the front)

Is that possible?
Thanks so much. I am almost giving up and if this doesnt work, I have to choose a different template.
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